Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hannah's 3rd Birthday party

We were up in Utah for a week. I really needed that. A couple major events happened while we were up there. Brad took the 2nd board exam on Hannah's Birthday, August 1st and we had a big puppy party for Hannah. We think both went well. Brad won't get his score for 6 weeks. Hannah has a puppy obsession right now. She acts like a dog and is ALWAYS carrying around the puppy of the day. She has so many of them and plays with ALL of her doggies.
Here are some of the highlights of the party.
Hannah sat there with such a serious face the whole time we sang to her. It was funny.

Hannah showing off her puppy shirt. I sent a picture of the plates I picked out for her party to a lady on Etsy. She matched the shirt so well! I loved it and so did she!

Hannah with Grandma and Grandpa Wang.

Hannah with one of her new puppies. She got lots of puppies and loves them all!

This dollhouse was mine when I was younger. My parents fixed it up for Hannah and got new furniture for it. Both the kids play with it everyday! It was an awesome gift!

So that about sums up the party.
While we were up in Utah we went to the zoo. The kids were so funny the whole day...kind of cranky, actually. But they talk about the trip to the zoo all the time. They are funny. I couldn't get the Zoo pictures to upload. I'll have to try another time.
Brad has been working at the Pediatric ICU this month and has been really busy with that. He has to work five 30 hour shifts while there. It's a pretty crazy one but I think it'll give him some good experience.
I got released from Young Women and got called to be the nursery leader. It's a rough calling but I know I'll grow to love it and love all those little kids. Right now we're just trying to figure out a good schedule.
I have been keeping REALLY busy with my bow business. Honestly, I had no idea it would get to this point. I sell so much on Etsy that it's tough to keep up with my Quilted Bear booth.


Travis & Melissa said...

That shirt turned out SO cute!! She is getting so grown up! And the cake looks amazing...like always! :)