Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hannah's 3rd Birthday party

We were up in Utah for a week. I really needed that. A couple major events happened while we were up there. Brad took the 2nd board exam on Hannah's Birthday, August 1st and we had a big puppy party for Hannah. We think both went well. Brad won't get his score for 6 weeks. Hannah has a puppy obsession right now. She acts like a dog and is ALWAYS carrying around the puppy of the day. She has so many of them and plays with ALL of her doggies.
Here are some of the highlights of the party.
Hannah sat there with such a serious face the whole time we sang to her. It was funny.

Hannah showing off her puppy shirt. I sent a picture of the plates I picked out for her party to a lady on Etsy. She matched the shirt so well! I loved it and so did she!

Hannah with Grandma and Grandpa Wang.

Hannah with one of her new puppies. She got lots of puppies and loves them all!

This dollhouse was mine when I was younger. My parents fixed it up for Hannah and got new furniture for it. Both the kids play with it everyday! It was an awesome gift!

So that about sums up the party.
While we were up in Utah we went to the zoo. The kids were so funny the whole day...kind of cranky, actually. But they talk about the trip to the zoo all the time. They are funny. I couldn't get the Zoo pictures to upload. I'll have to try another time.
Brad has been working at the Pediatric ICU this month and has been really busy with that. He has to work five 30 hour shifts while there. It's a pretty crazy one but I think it'll give him some good experience.
I got released from Young Women and got called to be the nursery leader. It's a rough calling but I know I'll grow to love it and love all those little kids. Right now we're just trying to figure out a good schedule.
I have been keeping REALLY busy with my bow business. Honestly, I had no idea it would get to this point. I sell so much on Etsy that it's tough to keep up with my Quilted Bear booth.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The last 4 months

I say this every time I post but I'm officially the worst blogger ever. I used to be so good but life is just BUSY! I have been super busy with my bow business lately! It's been going so well. I'm selling at the Quilted Bear and on Etsy.com and both are really going well! I make bows for several hours a day and I never tire of it. It's just such a fun hobby/job!!!
This week I have just been in shock over how big my kids are getting. Hannah will be three in August...wasn't she just born? Gosh. I can't believe it!

The kids have become best friends lately. I never have to entertain them. They are always playing and laughing together (with a little fighting here and there). They love to pretend to camp, pretend to be puppies and play house together.

Preston loves to play the Wii. One morning he was playing and said "Mommy, look! I won!" Sure enough...that's the highest score we've ever seen on our Wii!! Brad and I were shocked!!! Not sure how he pulled that one off! But he was quite happy about it!

We went to Disneyland in February, I believe it was. It was so fun to go as a family and spend time together. Preston loved staying at the hotel. I think that may have been his favorite part!! Ha ha.

It was really hard to get a good picture of the kids at Easter. They keep making cheesy faces!! But, their cheesy faces are pretty cute too! Grandma and Grandpa Clark were able to visit us for Easter. It was fun to have them. Hannah was very attached to Grandpa!
Grandma and Grandpa Wang sent the kids each a book for Easter. They really liked them. Books are always a good gift! Hannah's was a puppy book, which is her favorite thing right now and Preston's was a book where you had to find the bunny on all the pages.

My kids have been extremely picky eaters lately but I've found that if I make the food FUN then they are more likely to eat it. It takes a little more effort but they're eating! Here is an example...Monkey Pancakes!!!

Brad turned 30 on May 25th. I had been keeping his suprise party a secret for a looong time! We have 5 of the 7 siblings and his parents present at the party. I think we had 13 kids here at one point! It was kinda crazy but tons of fun!! I'm so glad they were able to keep it a secret and really suprise Brad! We went to the pool, ate yummy food and spent time together. Brad's sister, Melissa came for a whole week with our new niece, Kinley. It was so fun to have her here and get to know my baby niece!! She is so cute and snuggly. Makes me want more babies!! Hannah LOVED baby "Kinwey". She told me Kinley is her best pal. So cute.

OH! I can't forget! I had so many bow sales in April that we were able to buy new couches!!! We absolutely love them! Let's just hope we can keep them nice!!!
I got the kids these little boats for the pool and they wanted to sleep in them! Here's Hannah with her baby in her boat.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

a quick update

Sooooo....it's been over three months since I've blogged. I really need to catch up! Let's see...some of the major events were:
Preston turned four! He thinks he's SO big now. He got to have two birthday celebrations..one ON his birthday at home with us and one up in Utah. He sure got a lot of fun stuff. His favorite was his Geotrax airplane set.

Christmas was so fun this year! The kids just had so much fun! Brad was more excited than anyone to get up and open presents. He heard Preston's bed squeak and jumped up out of the bed and said "YESSSSSS!" because he was so excited that they were finally waking up! We were both up early just waiting for the kids to wake up! Ha ha!
We tried really hard to help the kids understand the true meaning of Christmas this year. We picked a family and did a little secret Santa thing and it was so fun!! Hannah got this big stuffed horse and it was her favorite, I think. They got a special present outside from Mommy and Daddy. Mommy waited in line for HOURS at Toys R Us the night of Thanksgiving and got the last playhouse they had at that price! PHEW!

Well, that's just a little bit. I'll have to add more tomorrow. I have A LOT of catching up to do!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm baaaack!

OK, I know I have been horrible at blogging and you've all probably given up on even looking at our blog. I have just been super busy and I have so much to blog about it's kind of overwhelming. I have been making a lot of hairbows and I now sell them at the Quilted Bear in Provo. So far sales have been awesome! I'm quite happy with how it's going.
Brad has been doing his rotations and is enjoying that. He just started a pediatric rotation today. We'll see how it likes it cause that's what he originally wanted to go in to.
Nothing TOO exciting has happened since our California trip. Just same old stuff. Hannah is potty trained...don't know if I mentioned that previously.
We had a fun Halloween. The kids were Jesse and Woody from Toy Story and they looked super cute and had tons of fun. I love making their costumes for Halloween. It's really a fun thing for me.
I am going to try to be better at blogging. This is my journal afterall.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bad blogger

I am so bad lately with blogging. I'm trying to do better. We have done a lot of things since I posted last.
Brad finished the board exams and got his score today and he passed one of them. Phew! Good job Bradley! We knew you could!
After tests were over we went to California for a week and had a great time! It was so nice to be able to go and not worry about anything but having fun and boy did we ever!
We went to Newport Beach for a day (well a couple hours) the kids didn't like it at all. They started to like it a little at the end but they were pretty freaked out by their first beach experience. The pic says it all. She was booking it from the wave. Preston just wanted to hang out on the blanket and not even touch the sand...silly kids. They did finally warm up to the idea...a little bit.

Then we spent two days at Disneyland and California Adventure. What a blast that was!!! It was so fun to see the kids so happy and so excited to meet their favorite characters! Hannah loves the princesses!! We were first in line to meet Belle, Ariel and Tiana. Preston loved it too. There is nothing greater than seeing their happy faces! Meeting the characters was their favorite. Preston loved meeting Mickey, Lightening McQueen and Woody. He was just beside himself over McQueen, as you can see by the picture!

These are just some of the highlights. It was the best vacation ever! We also went to a little zoo but it was sooooo hot we didn't stay long. The kids were terrified of the goats in the petting zoo for some reason. It was kinda funny.
We're back home now enjoying some time together. We're headed up to Utah for five days on Friday to celebrate Hannah's birthday and for a Pioneer Day visit.